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Primus Fitness – PrimusFit Skill 10 Minute Skill Work Turkish Get Up Ring Dip Muscle Up/Pull Up Weightlifting 10 min running clock Work up to a heavy 1RM Thruster Keep 70% of 1RM on you bar WOD 20 minute AMRAP: – 10 Box Jumps (70%...
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1122 SL

Primus Fitness – Spartan Lite Warm-up 200m Run 20 Air Squat 20 Push Up 20 Box Dip 20 Ring Rows 20 Supermans 20 Crunches Skill 10 Minutes Turkish Get Up Primer/Instruction 10 MInutes Paralettes Pass Thru Primer/Instruction WOD 5 Rounds for Time 200m...
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