CrossFit Gungnir

Swamp City Fitness is the home of CrossFit Gungnir, the premier CrossFit and functional fitness facility in Gainesville. At CrossFit  Gungnir, we believe CrossFit is for anyone and everyone, even people who haven’t exercised a day in their lives.

For starters, it’s helpful to read this article entitle What Is CrossFit to understand the concepts behind the fitness program. The most important piece for new folks is the phrase “functional movement,” which basically means a movement or exercise that has a real life function. Examples are picking something off the ground (an object or even your own body), moving quickly (running), squatting, or jumping onto or even over something. We believe that that 100% of all humans need to be able to do those things and should be able to do it at a reasonable level.

The beauty of CrossFit is that you can start with those very basic movements and progress upwards in complexity and load as your fitness increases. Thus, if you can only squat your body weight for starters, in a week you might be squatting a barbell, and in a year you could be front squatting 185 lbs.

The misconception is that if you join a CrossFit gym, you’ll immediately start doing highly complex movements and heavy loads. This is not true. The reality is that most gyms start with a Foundations or On-Ramp program that teaches the basics in a controlled environment with an experienced coach. Once someone graduates from Foundations, he or she starts regular workouts at a scaled level and works upwards from there.

The bottom line is CrossFit is a fitness program that starts with the very basics and scales up in intensity, complexity, and load as your fitness level increases. Because it focuses on functional movements it’s relevant to everyday life, and therefore applicable to everyone. The most important qualities are that you have a desire to be functionally fit, enjoy working hard, and not be afraid to get started! Welcome to CrossFit Gungnir at Swamp City Fitness.

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