FallFest and Competition 2013

CrossFit Iron Legion will be having our first annual FallFest and Competition October 19th, 2013 beginning at 2pm. This will be a family event open to the public – you do not need to be a “CrossFitter” to participate! There are two parts to this day:

There will be a 3K race, but in true CFIL fashion this will be a very unique race. You can run as a team or an individual, Teams are encouraged, but individuals are welcome. More details on the race below. We expect the race portion of the event to run from 2pm to around 5pm.

At 5pm we will light the grills up and Al Rosas Ocala’s own Organic Chef will be grilling awesome meat for the day. Racers and spectators alike can grab some awesome food and settle in to watch our “Night of the Living Deadlift competition”. We expect this portion of the event to run from 5pm to 7pm. Expect to see dunking for apples, face painting and the like during this time as well.

Around 7pm the FallFest continues with a “after race and competition party” in Bay Two. We will also begin our kids hay rides through our spooky trail for the little ones (not too spooky). At dusk we will start our “haunted trail walks” that will be guided with flashlights and (very) spooky stories during the walk.

Everyone is encouraged to dress up in your coolest costumes during the entire event! Remember – this event is for everybody! Lets celebrate some cooler weather here at CFIL October 19th!

Now settle in – here are the details for the race – complete with a scary little story!!!

THE RACE Backstory

You awake to silence. “The friggen power is out again” you mutter quietly to yourself. Dressing yourself in the dark you try to use your phone to see what time it is. No bars, no signal. “Damn – I’m going to be late at the Box, don’t want that burpee penalty to hit my time”. Heading to the kitchen for breakfast you see flashing lights in the distance outside your windows. “This day is starting out amazing”.

Jumping in the car in a hurry – you realize the radio isn’t broadcasting. You pass two car wrecks on the way in – looks like the people are hugging or fighting, either way you don’t have time for drama. There seem to be more people wandering the road for no reason. – Wait why are they in the road? “Holy crap what is wrong with everyone today?” you mutter as you swerve to miss someone stumbling by. What was wrong with that persons face?

You pull up on the Box to find everyone inside with the doors shut. As you pull up they waive you inside. “Quick man, quick”! Once inside you see some very concerned faces. “Something is wrong with our neighbors” says one, another explains similar scenes you experienced on your drive in. A few are injured.

“BANG” – everyone jumps. Running to the window they see a huge group of people just outside. Their eyes are rolling, their tongues dragging. They are in a slow shuffle, but seemed determined to get inside. You are safe inside, but resources would deplete quick. “We have to get food, water and guns and the injured need to get to the hospital”.

You split the group.

EVAC Teams are 3 person Teams. 2 people will carry the single injured on a stretcher.

Munitions Response Specialists will have an uneven weighted carry of munitions and food.

Rapid Response individuals will be sprinters with weighted packs.

3, 2, 1, go – you all leave the Box. The horde swallows up the entrance and you are all on your own. Into the woods you go. The woods are closing in on you as you all press forward with your missions. “Holy crap those things are on the trail” they see you and begin chase. All of you surge forward in an attempt to stay ahead of these “things”. No rest, no respite – you surge forward, all the while being dogged by the strangest looking people you have ever seen.

Returning to the Box you notice debris scattered across the entrances. Digging in you push all of the debris out of the way of the entrances. There is no way in any other wise. Once the debris is cleared you enter the Box to find everyone passed out injured and equipment knocked to the floor. Once again you set to work clearing space for the others.

Once everyone returns, munitions are stored and the wounded tended to. You all hunker down and await the passing of this crazy day!

Pricing is as follow:

  • EVAC Team $90 (includes 3 tickets, full race, prowlers and Night of The Living Deadlift)
  • Munitions Response Specialist – $30 (includes 1 ticket, full race, prowlers and Night of The Living Deadlift)
  • Rapid Response Specialist – $30 (includes 1 ticket, full race, prowlers and Night of The Living Deadlift)
  • Runner  – $10 (Race only – no prowler, no carried weight, no Night of The Living Deadlift)
  • Deadlifter $10 (Night of The Living Deadlift only)

Divisions and Standards

EVAC Team – 3 person (one on stretcher – alternate as needed)

Munitions Response Specialist – Individual. Odd weight ~10/30 each hand males, 5/20 females

Rapid Response – Individual 35# back pack males / 25# back pack females

Divisions begin the race at the start line. They will traverse the entire 3K course either as a weighted team or weighted individual. Each individual will be wearing flags*.

Upon completion of the course each Team will perform a 400M prowler push or Individual will perform 200M prowler push.

Once Prowlers are completed, your race time will be noted.  Approximately 60 minutes later a 1 rep max deadlift will be attempted in a 15 minute window.

*During the race and prowler push, these “things” will be attempting to take your flags. There will be a time penalty assessed to each lost flag. Return with no flags and perform a 20 burpee penalty.



Time (minus flag penalties) for race.


Weight lifted per your body weight (Sinclair or Wilks…tbd) for the Deadlift

After the race, there will be a grill and food available. Bring the family and your friends – there will be a kids haunted hay ride as well as a guided night time tour with flashlights for the older kids. Everyone is encouraged to dress up!

Registration and Parking

Event Parking Map

Registration is Open!

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