Why do you fitness?

Each of us has a reason we get out of bed and do the less than fun tasks of cleaning and working and we wouldn’t question not staying on top of them because we can immediately see the results of failing to do so.  Health and fitness may not be quite as direct but their results are of equal if not of greater importance.  This is your life after all and your Quality of Life is directly affected by your overall health and wellness.  It can take time for bad decisions to add up and show as results from the doctor or with your bedroom mirror.  By then the bad decisions have become learned bad habits and routine.  It can be extremely difficult to correct all this because it’s an entire relearning of your very daily routine.  Real health changes take time in the same manner that forming bad habits and bad results may have been an accumulation of years.  People can become frustrated and discouraged when they are not seeing immediate results they begin to doubt the process and feel as if they do not know what they are doing.  Going on this journey alone can be even more difficult and overwhelming when trying to keep up with all the other aspects of their life.   

The good news is they are not alone.  Swamp City Fitness is filled with people who have begun undertaking that journey and they have created a community of people who are choosing a better way to create better habits and a new routine in order to get results.  The workouts here are hard.  Harder the work, greater the results.  Our coaches work to ensure programming that will yield results with customized workouts to meet the needs of the individual.  We see the results because instead of focusing directly on them we get involved in a community that is fun and challenging.  Our habits and routines change because this is where we want to be.  It’s where our friends are and where we can be ourselves while taking steps to our goals.   We learn how to eat better and make better choices because we see the immediate results in the way we feel and perform in our workouts.  

If you find yourself struggling with these same issues or are simply looking for a supportive community to continue your healthy lifestyle, reach out to us or come by.