Swamp City Fitness: Training Camp

What is Training Camp?

Swamp City Fitness Training Camp is 6-9 weeks of High Intensity Agility and Strength Training to bring athletes and ex-athletes to or back to pinnacle performance.

In Training Camp you will emulate training endured by elite athletes of professional Sports like Football, Baseball, Soccer, etc.. Our training has been specially crafted with a blend of speed and agility movements in succession with heavy weight training – forging growth in strength and speed. You will need sleep. You will need proper nutrition. Your body will demand it. We will show you how to succeed. Our Coaches have a program for your success. Do not stray from the plan!

Yes there will be homework and yes you will do it or you will watch yourself fall behind your peers.

You WILL NOT work out on your rest days. You will respect rest day or you will watch yourself fall behind your peers.

You will have a Nutrition plan to follow during the 6-9 weeks. Follow it strictly or you will watch yourself fall behind your peers.

Not everyone can stay for the final 3 weeks of training. Only those who have excelled and showed true commitment to training and to their goals, will have the privilege to pay to continue.

To continue you cannot miss more than 2 training sessions. You will need to test improvements to your coaches standards set for you. You will respect your peers, trainers, gym, and programming. You will respect your rest days, your nutrition plan, and most importantly you will push hard, very, very hard!

Recommended gear:

  • Gym Bag – if you plan to carry the following
  • Stable, Comfortable Cross Training Shoes for Agility And Running
  • Lifters or Flat Sole Shoes like Chuck Taylors
  • Wicking Shorts and Shirt – Because your ass is going to sweat.
  • Gym Towel and Water Bottle
  • Shaker Bottle / Protein (we have some for sale in the pro shop if required)
  • Recommended, Knee Sleeves & Wrist Wraps

Camp Begins 8am Saturday, September 11th.

Training will be every Tuesday and Thursday at either 8am or 6pm with Saturdays at 8am.

Your at home workouts will be assigned by your coach. They will be performed on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays as determined by our coach based on your discussed schedule.

No Tobacco use during the 6-9 weeks of Training Camp.

Next Camp begins Saturday, January 25th 2022.  Enrollment is under way!

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