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You will want to experience this for yourself!  A true functional fitness gym where the Swamp and the City of Gainesville collide in an over 4,500 square foot warehouse style gym set perfectly between Butler Plaza and Celebration Pointe. Swamp City Fitness has 8 garage doors that open and True Florida is our workout. Our community loves it and you will too. Training here is training for life in Florida. The members of this gym have True Grit and a desire to crush their goals.  If you are tired of fancy gyms failing you, you have just found your answer. The prescription is Hard Work with a Real Plan with Awesome, Knowledgeable, Attentive Coaches and a Supportive Fun Community.  You will never get bored here and you WILL SEE RESULTS.  Our accountability is paramount.  Under our coaches guidance and motivation, once you have a safe comprehensive understanding of the movements you will do everything from Go Fast, Lift Heavy, to Forge Better!

Our commitment to our members is steadfast. Once you commit to starting here, you will become part of a community committed to a higher standard. Let’s get started!

Jump Start Your Fitness

Our focus is creating new habits and learning better ways to hold ourselves accountable.  We will learn to track macro nutrition or follow a meal plan.  The choice is up to you.  Everyone has different goals but we all have to push hard to get to them.  We work with you to establish your personal goals and we will set milestones to hitting them.  Having a Coach to guide you with a tested plan, motivate you, and hold you accountable makes the difference.

The movements we will be doing will be standard functional fitness movements which will only increase in intensity as your body, strength, and mobility will allow.  Barbell can be added to increase the strength portion of the movements if desired.  You will have the option to learn how to flip tires, swing hammers, push and drag sleds, properly throw sandbags, perform box jumps or step ups, kettlebell swings, wallballs, and effective dumbbell workouts.  There will be bodyweight workouts but everyone wants to feel better and move better without pain and exhaustion.  This is where we learn its not just possible but how, with the proper form, you can go far beyond what you thought was possible.

You see real change and develop great new habits.

On Ramp Dates and Times for 2024:

Tuesday and Thursday @ 7:30pm

Saturdays by appointment only.

Enrollment has already started!

Call 352-328-1521

We Now Have Swag!

We Now Have Swag!

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Workout of the Day

Workout of the Day

View the most recent WOD and an archive of all Swamp City workouts. Our coaches work hard to provide challenging programming for athletes at every level.

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  • Deb


    Deb, Swamp City Fitness Member

    The feeling of family and the get back to the basics mentality! It makes it possible for everyone to participate at any fitness level.

  • Erin


    Erin, Fitness Enthusiast

    You're surrounded by people who are most interested in meeting you wherever you are in your fitness journey + life and supporting you in becoming the best version of yourself!

  • Jen


    Jen, Swamp City Member

    The support and friendliness has helped me take risks and fail without feeling like a failure.

  • Randy


    Randy, Swamp City Member

    They have welcomed my family with open arms.

  • Maite


    SCF is my home. I come with my dog to lift and I get to see my friends. We have built a community where we can be our true selves. In my entire life as an athlete, I have never been to a gym that is truly a judge-free-zone, where everyone celebrates your life and gym accomplishments.

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