Fenrir’s Mayhem – First Competition at CrossFit Iron Legion on June 1, 2013

Fenrir the Viking Wolf God of old has broken the centuries old bonds placed upon him by the other gods. Ragnarok is upon us and Fenrir’s Mayhem has begun. CrossFit Iron Legion has sounded the call to gather Warriors and their skill sets to battle the mighty Fenrir. Heroes from all the land will rise to meet the challenge. Iron will be lifted in defiance, and the battle will rage both indoors and out! Come witness the very earth shudder under your feet as the first of many battles takes place on June 1st, 2013!

CrossFit Iron Legion is kicking off the Summer with Fenrir’s Mayhem – a CrossFit competition meant to challenge all levels! All divisions will be welcome to compete in this event – Team, Masters 40+, Elite, RX, SX and a CFKids division.

This will be a one day event open to all. Competition standards will be launched by April 29th. Competitors can expect to receive a t-shirt, swag bag and some uniquely challenging WODS as well as prizes for the top three in each division.

CrossFit Iron Legion is conveniently housed next door to The Armory and acres of forest used by Special Forces for training runs will be utilized for one or more WODS. Also expect to see WODS with “The Lycan’s Spine” – Central Florida’s only 40’ long multi level monkey bar style rig designed built and installed by Zeak Technique in Ocala, Florida.

There will be an average $50 ticket price for competitors. Expect an action packed fun filled day appropriate for all levels of competitors and their families.

Grab a shade canopy, a cooler and some chairs, bring some friends and set up in our huge Vendor and spectator lot. This will be a show to watch – anyone who was at our Expansion Party bore witness to awesome battles throughout the day. This will be no exception! Stay tuned on Facebook for updates!

Scoring is located here

Check out the WODs here! 

Download the WODs as a PDF

Event Parking Map

Heat Sheet & Schedule

Vendors and Sponsors

June 1, 2013

Time: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Crossfit Iron Legion
2130 SW 7th Ave. Suite 103

Ocala, Florida 34471 US

Event Prices:
$50.00 – RX Male
$50.00 – RX Female
$50.00 – Masters Male
$50.00 – Masters Female
$50.00 – Scaled Male
$50.00 – Scaled Female
$100.00 – Team (2)
$40.00 – Kids (8yrs to 16rs)
$55.00 – Elite Male
$55.00 – Elite Female

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