We have a wide assortment of services here at Iron Legion Athletics. Iron Legion Athletics is a professionally coached strength and conditioning studio. Each of the services listed below will be structured and coached in a fun, professional, safe, and motivating atmosphere.


CrossFit is a functional training style that incorporates full body awareness, gymnastics and metabolic (cardio) training together at a level of intensity appropriate to each member. Functional Fitness training trains the body as its intended with real world applications. You will build strength, perform better, feel better and gain confidence in our CrossFit Program!

CrossFit Kids

This program is our CrossFit program specifically designed for the younger athletes. Give your child an edge on their education, life and sport at our Iron Legion Avengers Kids program!

CrossFit Teens

This program is a branch between our Kids Program and our CrossFit classes. Specifically designed with teens in mind – a fun, safe youth program!

CrossFit Lite
CrossFit Lite utilizes all of the functional movements of CrossFit with less complexity and little to no weight. These classes are challenging and fun with more emphasis on cardio and high intensity body movements.

CrossFit Endurance
This is the TRUE cardio class. No weights. Only your body. Taught by our CFEndurance certified Coach and long time Endurance athlete Steve Wingo this class is designed to enhance your endurance and stamina. Is your desire a faster Fran time or a faster 5K or marathon time? You are in the right place. This class utilizes running, rowing, cycling and cardio conditioning to get you to your fitness goals faster!

Boot Camp

We are Florida’s Best Boot Camp. This is THE best place to start here at Iron Legion Athletics. Check this page out for more info!

Olympic Weightlifting 
Our Olympic Weightlifting classes are designed to teach you how to move efficiently under a barbell. These classes dig in and focus on the techniques of lifting. Our coaches have been USAW certified and competed (and podiumed) in various Olympic weightlifting events.


Train with coaches that have podiumed at National levels in our Powerlifting classes. You want weight? This is the heavy class!

Sports Team Strength and Conditioning
Give your Sports Team the edge it needs in competition. Our coaches will meet with you to custom design programs to enhance your Team’s athletic ability. Baseball, volleyball, swimming, football – you name it, we can give your Team the edge it needs!

Corporate Team / Group Training
Let us help you get those insurance premiums down by giving your employees a healthier lifestyle with our Corporate programs. We would love to have you here, but we can come to you if your employees are crunched for time! Healthy employees are better employees!

Personal Training
Personal one on one training designed and customized for you. Our coaches will take the time create a personal training regimen specifically targeted at achieving your goals – whatever they may be.

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