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If you are reading this, you sought us out because you are tired of the average gym experience. We don’t advertise with giant flashy billboards and we don’t fill our gym with gimmicks. We don’t promise a six week solution to anything. We caution you up front if you don’t want a change in your life, then you may not be in the right place. If you found us, it’s because you are tired of the same results with the same old gym. CrossFit Iron Legion is more than a gym experience and we have the potential to change your fitness and your life.
CrossFit Iron Legion has a suite of training services for anyone at any level in your fitness journey. We specialize in not specializing–if you have a need, we got you covered.

Take a few minutes and see what we have to offer:

  • For the Novice division, we offer free introductory classes and The CrossFit Experience.

    Our free introductory class is designed for anyone and is a great introduction to our facility and staff. Plan on about 30 minutes of work at your pace. This is a fun, informative session and a great place to start!

    The CrossFit Experience is a two week program designed with the beginner in mind. CrossFit Experience classes are engaging and fun – around 30 minutes long and will introduce you to most of the movements and structure you can expect to see in our everyday classes.

  • Designed for everybody, the SX Division is focused on high intensity, cardio based programs.

    CrossFit Lite
    CrossFit Lite utilizes all of the functional movements of CrossFit with less complexity and little to no weight. These classes are challenging and fun with more emphasis on cardio and high intensity body movements.

    CrossFit Endurance
    This is the TRUE cardio class. No weights. Only your body. Taught by our CFEndurance certified Coach and long time Endurance athlete Steve Wingo this class is designed to enhance your endurance and stamina. Is your desire a faster Fran time or a faster 5K or marathon time? You are in the right place. This class utilizes running, rowing, cycling and cardio conditioning to get you to your fitness goals faster!
    PIYOFit combines Pilates, Yoga and High Intensity Interval Training targeted at increasing your mobility and flexibility set at a pace that gives a great workout at the same time!
    SeniorFit is a functional movement based class designed specifically for Seniors or those rehabilitating back from an injury. The class will be designed and ran by our own staff member Physical Therapist Kelli Davis, DPT. Kelli has her Geriatric Specialist Certification (GCS) and she is also a Certified Exercise Expert of the Aging Adult (CEEAA through APTA). Kelli has programs designed specifically with Seniors in mind that are engaging, energizing, safe and fun. All those who are interested in the classes will receive an introductory Physical Therapy assessment to allow for specific programming for all participants.
    LunchFit is designed with your lunch break in mind! Warm up, work out with our high intensity work out of the day. Grab a shower – and even add our brown bag lunch from Organic Chef Foods to your class and be back at work ready to take on the rest of the afternoon!

  • The RX Division has a class line-up focused on performance based, high intensity training programs. RX is perfect for anybody regardless of fitness background, however it does require two personal training sessions before entrance.

    CrossFit is what we do. This is the standard. Anyone at any level of fitness can do our CrossFit classes. Beginners, college athletes, working professionals, stay at home moms and gym rats can all be found in our CrossFit classes. Utilizing functional movements that we use every day we create workouts that prepare you for any challenge the world can throw at you – while getting you in the best shape of your life!
    Olympic Weightlifting / Barbell Club
    Our Olympic Weightlifting classes are designed to teach you how to move efficiently under a barbell. These classes dig in and focus on the techniques of lifting. Our coaches have been USAW certified and competed (and podiumed) in various Olympic weightlifting events.
    RuckFit is designed and coached by members of the 3-20th Special Forces Group. Expect equipment training, military style physical training and lots of rucking – or marching and strength and conditioning while under load. This class emphasizes teamwork and comradery as you learn how to train as a Team.

  • Sports Team Strength and Conditioning
    Give your Sports Team the edge it needs in competition. Our coaches will meet with you to custom design programs to enhance your Team’s athletic ability. Baseball, volleyball, swimming, football – you name it we can give your Team the edge it needs!
    Corporate Team / Group Training
    Let us help you get those insurance premiums down by giving your employees a healthier lifestyle with our Corporate programs. We would love to have you here, but we can come to you if your employees are crunched for time! Healthy employees are better employees!
  • The Elite Division is perfect by itself or as an addition to your training package!

    Personal Training
    Personal one on one training designed and customized for you. Our coaches will take the time create a personal training regimen specifically targeted at achieving your goals – whatever they may be.
    Open Gym
    Open Gym is a non-coached environment. Proficiency in functional movements are required and test out sessions must be completed for members only seeking Open Gym arrangements. Open Gym will give you full access to the gym and its equipment and is perfect for experienced athletes and members who would like additional time to work on skills. Available as a package or sessions.
    Competition Training (CrossFit and Olympic Lifting)
    These training sessions are designed with Competition in mind. Be it a local CrossFit Competition, Mud Run or Olympic Weightlifting event – this class will focus on the competition aspects. These classes are by special request only.


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