Swamp City WOD – Wed, Oct 19

Swamp City Fitness – Swamp City WOD


8 Min AMRAP:

2 Burpees

2 Samson Stretch

1 Slow and Low

1 Stationary Inchworm + 4 Push Ups

2 Starfish Toe Touches


Week 9 of the 9 week Strength Cycle.  This is it. Push Hard.  Next Week we will establish new PR’s

Bench Press

40% 1×5

50% 1×5

60% 1×3

75% 1×5

85% 1×3

95% 1×1+

75% 3×5

Use the spreadsheet for speed and efficiency. Focus on getting your weights out quickly.


Festivus Games WOD 3

4 Rounds for Time

10-minute time cap

15 Synchro Toes-Above-Hips / Knees-Above-Hips

30 Wall Balls

15 Plate Hop Burpees

On 3-2-1-Go! both athletes will begin the synchro toes-above-hips or knees-above-hips. After completing all 15 reps, then one athlete will start the wall balls while the other athlete rests. Athletes may switch out whenever they want with one athlete working and the other athlete resting until all of the wall balls and plate hop burpees are completed. Then they will begin the next round.

Score is time completed. If all work is not completed by the 10:00 time cap, add :01 for every rep not completed.

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