Swamp City WOD – Mon, Dec 12

Swamp City Fitness – Swamp City WOD

Warm Up

200M Run

10 Sec Hang

4 Firefighter Burpees

2 Slow and Lows

2 Quad Stretch Toe Touch

400M Run

10 Beat Swings

10M Inch Worms

10M Forward Scoops

10 Drop Squats

200M Run

10 Muscle Cleans(empty bar)

10 Front Squats (empty bar)


It’s getting heavier. Utilize Hook Grip to the best of your ability.

7 rounds increasing in weight every round. First Round, start with an empty bar. Each week we learn the movements better and increase in weight.

3 Reps:

1.)Slow Pull to Knee, 3 Second Pause and back to the Ground,

1.) Full High Pull, Slow 4 Second Negative or Eccentric back to the Ground

3 Reps:

1.) High Hang Clean

1.) Low Hang Clean

1.) Clean

This is our 7th week of a 9 Week Cycle Designed to help improve your Understanding, Form, and Strength with Cleans. Record your Starting and Finishing Weight

Fun Munday (Time)

2 Wall Walks (buy-in)

4 Rounds:

20M Single Arm OHKB Lunges (44/28)

200M Run

10 Alternating T2B

2 Wall Walks (buy-out)

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