Swamp City WOD – Mon, Dec 5

Swamp City Fitness – Swamp City WOD

Warm Up

400M Row

10 Beat Swings

10M Samson Stretch

10M Inchworms

10 Beat Swings

40 Jumping Jacks

3 Slow and Lows

3 Quad Stretch Toe Touch

10 Beat Swings

10 Empty Bar Muscle Cleans

10 Empty Bar Front Squats


It’s getting heavier. Utilize Hook Grip to the best of your ability.

7 rounds increasing in weight every round. First Round, start with an empty bar. Each week we learn the movements better and increase in weight.

3 Reps:

1.)Slow Pull to Knee, 3 Second Pause and back to the Ground,

1.) Full High Pull, Slow 4 Second Negative or Eccentric back to the Ground

3 Reps:

1.) High Hang Clean

1.) Low Hang Clean

1.) Clean

This is our 6th week of a 9 Week Cycle Designed to help improve your Understanding, Form, and Strength with Cleans. Record your Starting and Finishing Weight

Time to Run (Time)

For Time:

400M Run

40 Sit Ups

400M Run

40 Push Ups

400M Run

40 Pull Ups

400M Run

40 Squats

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