Thorsday 3/4/21

Swamp City Fitness – All Day Swamp City WOD


600M Run or Row

PVC Routine

600M Run or Row

PVC Routine: PVC Pipe at hip crease, 10 pass throughs, 10 around the worlds(both directions), 10 Twists, 10 twists w/knee to elbow, 25 sec shoulder mobility (each shoulder), 20 sec wrist mobility(each wrist), 10 Leg swings front to back(each leg), 10 leg swing crossovers(each leg), 10 side lunges (each leg), runners position or pigeon pose 25 sec, straighten and stretch front leg dropping to back knee. Low squat in the middle for 10 sec. Lunge opposite direction, runners, pigeon, straighten etc. Done


16Min AMRAP:

Thor’s Hammer

Empty Barbell Carries 20M

12 Squeezy Clips

30 – 20 – 30 Hang

Plate Carries (45/35)


4 Rounds for time:

10M Handstand Walk, or 3 Lateral Wall Walks, or 3 Wall Walks

20 Hammer Strikes

3 Muscle Ups, 3 Pulls Ups, 3 T2B/knee raises (perform as complex, add reps of what you can’t to what you can)

2 Pistols to reverse lunge (each leg)

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