3-6-9 Damn, You Fine! August 30, 2021

Swamp City Fitness – All Day Swamp City WOD


400m run

10m Samson stretch

10m burpee broad jump

5 slow and lows

10 beat swings

5 berzerker lunges

10 cossack squats

10 lateral lunges

20 skater hops


Back Rack Lunges

Work up to a heavy set of 2 lunges per leg (4 TOTAL)


15 minute AMRAP

3, 6, 9, 12 etc…Add 3 reps to each movement each round


Burpee box jump overs

Ex. 3 T2B + 3 BBJO, 6 T2B + 6 BBJO etc.

*Score is whatever round you completed + reps into the next. Example: I complete the round of 12s and get 7 T2B into the round of 15s…my score is 12+7

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