Ballin Out on a Tuesday 7/19/22

Swamp City Fitness – Swamp City WOD


40 Jumping Jacks

4 Stationary Inchworms

4 Slow and Lows

4 Quad Stretch Toe Touches (each leg)

8 Side Lunges (4/side)

40 Jumping Jacks

8 Jumping Lunges

8 Jumping Squats

8 Push Ups

20 Skater Hops

40 Jumping Jacks


Pistols and Slackline work.

Anyone proficient in pistols perform 3 sets of 3 pistols on each leg with 10-20 sec one leg hold on the slackline.


WallBall Wod (20/14)

4 Rounds for time

10 WallBalls

10 Overhead Lunges

10 Alternating WallBall Push Ups

10 Overhead Situps

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