Flips, Walks and Muscle Ups! August 5, 2021

Swamp City Fitness – All Day Swamp City WOD


:10 hang

10m inchworm

10m Samson stretch

10 ring rows

10 lemon squeezers

10 banded pull aparts

10m burpee broad jump

10m duck walk

5 narrow grip rig raise


Superset #1- 3 rounds

10 Banded PVC bicep curls (band tied to dumbbell)

20 banded tricep extensions

Superset #2-3 rounds

10 seated DB/KB strict press

10 single arm DB/KB bent over rows

**In between supersets, accumulate:

50 hollow rocks

100 cross body mountain climbers (total)

50 superman rocks

100 penguin heel taps (total)


20 minute AMRAP

4 tire flips

4 wall walks

4 bar muscle ups (4 ring rows or pull-ups + 4 ring dips)

400m run

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