Saturday Funday

Swamp City Fitness – Swamp City WOD


600m Run

Samson Stretch 10m

Bear Crawl 10m

Lateral Lunge alt side 10m

Inch worm 10m

10s hang

10 rep squat hold arm opener

Circuit 1: DB RDL, DB Front Squat 10 reps each x3

Circuit 2: Hanging Scap shrugs, DB press 10 reps each x3


catch up on your missed 1rm attempts


do 5×8 Overhead squat

Front Squat (1 rep max)

Push Press (1 rep max)

Back Rack Lunge (1 rep max each leg)

Overhead Squat (5×8)


Partner WOD; 1 person working at a time


Alt DB Snatch (light to mod weight)

15/10 Cal bike after each round

Rest 3 minutes


Alt DB snatch (mod to heavy weight)

15/10 cal bike after each round

Scale snatch to KB swing if needed

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