Swamp City WOD – Thu, May 23

Swamp City Fitness – Swamp City WOD


Warm Up (No Measure)

1. Movement Prep/Activation

Burgener Warm Up Clean + Skill Transfer (15:00)

* 10 minutes with a PVC or Empty Barbell

* Perform 3-5 reps at each movement


3x High Hang Clean + 3x Hang Clean + 3x Clean (PVC or Empty Barbell)

* 5 minutes, 2-3 Ttimes through

* Focus on footwork and finishing the pull

2. Strength

8:00 to establish a Heavy Power Clean


3×8 Hang Muscle Cleans (40-50% of Heavy Power Clean)

3. Workout Prep

3 sets:

2 Clean and Jerks (build in weight)


Power Clean

8 minutes to establish a Heavy Power Clean

Hang Muscle Clean

3 sets x 8 Hang Muscle Cleans (at 40-50% of Heavy Power Clean)


Grace (Time)

For Time:
30 Clean and Jerks, 135# / 95#
Freedom (RX’d)

For Time

30 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

(KG conv: 61/43)


For Time

30 Clean and Jerks (115/80)

(KG conv: 52/36)


For Time

30 Dumbbell Clean and Jerks (light)

Target time: 3-5 minutes

Time cap: 8 minutes


Mobility (No Measure)

1 min seal pose

1 min bicep stretch on wall

1 min tricep lacrosse ball smash (each side)


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