Thorsday on a Thursday. July 15, 2021

Swamp City Fitness – All Day Swamp City WOD


16 minute AMRAP

Thor’s hammer

Farmer’s carry-1 lap around rig with 2 heavy KBs

30-25-40 hang

12 squeezy clips

Pinch plate carries

Reverse curls


Bro Sesh

Superset #1

3 x 10/arm leaning lateral dumbbell raises

3 x 10 BB supinated grip front raises (underhand grip)

Superset #2

3 x max rep chin-ups (supinated grip)

3 x 10/arm DB hammer curls

*In between sets, work on beat swings, kipping beat swings, pull-ups*


3 x 5 minute AMRAPs with 1 minute rest in b/w AMRAPs

5 burpees

10 sit-ups

15 slam balls

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