April 7th, 2021

Swamp City Fitness – All Day Swamp City WOD


50 jumping jacks

10m burpee broad jump

3 rig raises

10 beat swings

10 lemon squeezers

10 supermans

3 wall walks

10m burpee broad jump

10 kipping beat swings

50 jumping jacks


16mkin AMRAP

Thor’s Hammer


Reverse Curls (50/40) Max Effort

12 Squeezy Clips

Vulcan Grip Plate Holds (35/ 2-10’s) Max Effort

Twice around the rig (wide way around) KB Farmers Carries (70-53 alternating arms/53-44 alternating arms) alternate each lap


3 x 5 minute AMRAPS w/ 1 min rest in b/w

-pick up where you left off each AMRAP

3 HSPU (or hand release)

6 Slam Balls

9 Sit Ups

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