Shoulders Are Gonna Be TOAST! June 30, 2021

Swamp City Fitness – All Day Swamp City WOD


PVC routine

:10 hang

50 jumping jacks

10 jump squats

10 KB strict press/arm

3 turkish get-ups/arm

10 beat swings

50 jumping jacks


Push Press-Week 1

4 sets of 6 all at the same weight

*6 reps should be challenging but very doable. You can push press more than you can strict press, so a guideline would be to use roughly 5-10% less than your strict press 1RM as a starting weight*


EMOM 16-Max reps

Min 1: Back squats (95/65)

Min 2: Bar-facing burpees

Min 3: Push press (95/65)

Min 4: Rest

Score is TOTAL # of Reps

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