Clean and Jerk Doubles and Clean Pulls

Swamp City Fitness – Olympic Weightlifting


General Cardio Warm up for 3-5 minutes

PVC routine, 10 reps of each: pass through, around the world, behind the neck press, overhead squat

Burgener Warm Up (synchro- everyone together, 5 each position)

EMOM 5: 1 rep each

Clean Pull with pause


Front Squat

Split Squat


Clean and Jerk (8 sets of 2, 1 rep every 90s)

70-80% of your 1RM

Clean Pull (4 sets of 3)

Start at your 1RM clean


Superset (1 set warm up, 3 work sets to fatigue)

1: Z Press with KB

2: Strict Pull up/Band Assisted Pull Up (no ring rows allowed today)

3: Strict ttb or knee to chest

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