Swamp City WOD – Thu, Oct 13

Swamp City Fitness – Swamp City WOD


18 min Thor’s Hammer

500M Row Buy-in

Thor’s Hammer


12 Squeezy Clips

The Gauntlet:

Strongman Farmer Carries 20M

Empty Barbell Carries 20M

70lb KB Farmer Carries 40M



For those proficient with the movement, perform the following complex building in weight to max effort.

Clean Grip High Pull

High Hang Clean

Low Hang Clean

Full Clean

Then complete three rounds at max weight.

Between rounds complete the following 15 Alternating V-Ups + 20 Russian Twists w/KB

OR complete 15 Alternating V-ups + 10M Handstand Walk

For those not proficient with Cleans Coach will work with you to improve and increase weight.  Ideally doing the same supersets


1000M Row Buy In:

3 Rounds:

10 T2B

20 Slam Balls

20M Sandbag Drag

20 Hammer Strikes

1000M Row Buy Out

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