Thor’s Hammer 1/28/21

Swamp City Fitness – All Day Swamp City WOD


5 Min DUB practice

10M Samson Stretch

10M Bear Crawl

10M Spiderman Crawl

10M Burpee Broad Jumps

4 Quad Stretch Toe Touch (each leg)


Thor’s Hammer

25 sec hang, 20 sec rest, 35 Sec hang

12 Squeezy Clips

Front plate holds (10/25) Vulcan Grip

Barbell Farmers Carries (100/70)


1 Rounds for Speed: (get in line, 1 person at a time, start new person every 30 sec.)

2 Wall Walks

2 Tire Flips

2 Up Downs on Rope

1 Sled Drag

1 Sled Sprint

2 Muscle Ups or 4 Ring Dips

20 Hammer Strikes

200M Run

(get back in line to start again. We continue until 25 min is up.)

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