20 Rounds?? WOWZA…January 12, 2022

Swamp City Fitness – Swamp City WOD


400m run

:10 hang

30 jumping jacks

5 quad stretch toe touch/leg

10m bear crawl

10m inchworm

5 slow and lows

30 jumping jacks

10 leg swings/leg (like we do in PVC routine)-front and crossbody

10 good mornings

5 berzerker lunges

10 beat swings

30 jumping jacks


3 x 8/leg bulgarian split squats

3 x 8/leg KB RDLs

3 x 8 pistols/leg

*You can superset these or complete each set of each movement before moving onto the next movement

Bulgarian Split Squat:

Single Leg KB RDL:

Metcon (Time)

20 RFT

2 Double DB devils press

4 Double DB front squats

6 Double DB shoulder to overhead

18 minute cap

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