Lunges Are Back!!! January 28, 2022

Swamp City Fitness – Swamp City WOD


200m run

PVC routine

:10 hang

10 good mornings

10 beat swings

5 slow and lows

10 cossack squats

Wendler Week 1 of Back Rack Lunges-use 35% of your 1RM back squat as your “1RM lunge”

Take that number and take 90% of that, and that will be the number you base your percentages off.

We did work up to a heavy set of 2 lunges/leg on 8/30/2021. You can use that number as your 1RM if you have it logged somewhere.

See Monday’s post for more info on the cycle.

Back Rack Lunge (5/leg @ 65%)

Back Rack Lunge (5/leg @ 75%)

Back Rack Lunge (5+/leg @ 85%)

Log how many reps you got!!! Shooting for 5 or more on each leg!!!

Metcon (Time)

20 RFT

5 Wall Balls (20/14)

3 Deadlifts (115/85)

1 Cluster (Squat Clean Thruster) (115/85)

18 minute cap

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