Swamp City WOD – Sun, Apr 21

Swamp City Fitness – Swamp City WOD

Workout Option 1

Private (8 Rounds for time)

Freedom (RX’d)

Every 2:00 (8 sets)

15/12 Calorie Air Bike

25ft Handstand Walk (Or 2 Wall Walks)


Every 2:00 (8 sets)

12/10 Calorie Air Bike

25ft Handstand Walk (Or 2 Wall Walks)


Every 2:00 (8 sets)

10/8 Calorie Air Bike

25ft Bear Crawl (Or 2 Wall Walks, half way)

Target time each set: Sub 1:10

Time cap each set: 90 seconds

Workout Option 2

Option 2: Zone 2/Recovery (Checkmark)

Complete this as a 45-60 Min @Easy/Zone 1-2:

2000m Row

5 Half Kneeling Kettlebell Windmill (each side)

3000m Bike Erg OR 1200m Run OR 90/72 cal Air Bike

45 Sec Passive Hang

5 ATG Split Squats (each leg) – no weight – 3 sec pause in bottom working ROM

You can use the first part of the 2,000m Row as the warm-up.

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