Put Those DUBs to WORK!! December 30, 2021

Swamp City Fitness – Swamp City WOD


12 minute AMRAP

Thor’s Hammer

Farmer’s carry- 2 laps around rig with 2 KBs

:30 pinch plate/vulcan plate hold

12 squeezy clips

30-25-45 hang


Warm Up for Bench

20 banded pull aparts in front

20 banded pull aparts behind the neck

10 beat swings

10 push-ups

Bench Press (5×5)

Increase 5-10% from last week

Superset with 5×5 pull-ups/ring rows/negatives

*weighted pull-ups if capable

*Make those ring rows HARD. Parallel to the ground/feet on a box… they should not be easy reps

Metcon (Time)

3 rounds

20 Slam Balls

3 Wall walks

40 DU/80 SU

2 rounds

30 Slam Balls

4 Wall walks

50 DU/100 SU

1 round

40 Slam Balls

5 Wall walks

60 DU/120 SU
20 minute cap

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