Swamp City WOD – Wed, Jan 10

Swamp City Fitness – Swamp City WOD

Warm Up

15/12 Cal Bike

40 Jumping Jacks

10M Samson Stretch

10M Inchworms

10M Bear Crawls

10M Froggers

10 Beat Swings

10M Over the Fence Side Lunges

10M Forward Scoops

10M Burpee Broad Jumps

10 Down Dog Push Ups

10 Beat Swings


While resting between rounds of cleans and push press perform the following superset for 3 rounds:

10 Alternating T2B

10 Bulgarian Split Squats

Clean (Test for 1RM)

Take your time to work up to your 1RM safely. When you get over 80% make sure a coach is watching.

Push Press (Work up to your 1RM safely. Remember not to jerk. This is a push then press only. Make sure a coach is watching when you get over 80%.)

Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds:

10 Burpee Box Overs (24/20)

3 Snatches (95/65)

3 OHL (each leg)

5M Handstand Walk or 2 Wall Walks

30 Dubs or 70 Singles

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