Tuesday 3/9/21

Swamp City Fitness – All Day Swamp City WOD


100 DUBS or 200 Singles

15M Inch Worms

15M Skipping High Jumps

Shoulder Circles, Hugs, Raise the Roofs

30sec Calf Stretches

5 Breakdance Burpees

5 Berserker Lunges

Rig Raises (Narrow & Wide)


Handtsand Walking Progressions

Safety Rolls and Somersaults


400M Run/Row (buy in)

4 Rounds:

3 Tire Flips

2 Rope Climbs or Up/downs

10 Slam Balls

1 Sled Sprint around the gym (go the opposite direction each round)

400M Run/Row (buy out)

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