What kinda gym is this?

Swamp City Fitness is a brand new “functional fitness” gym in Gainesville. Full disclosure – It is a sister gym to CrossFit Iron Legion in Ocala, Florida. Before anyone wonders whether we are a CrossFit gym or not – rest assured, we are going through the affiliation process with CrossFit currently. Our Plan at Swamp City is to become a full fledged CrossFit affiliate but, in that the approval process takes time – we are opening as Swamp City Fitness.

We expect CrossFit approval anytime now.

We 100% believe in the CrossFit methodology of training. It has worked for us at Iron Legion for over 6 years and has changed the lives of so many people. Bear with us as we go through the application process – and know that we will always be open, honest, and do the right thing for you guys and our community. Get ready Gainesville – we are growing, and you are welcome to join us!

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