Hip Health

If you are younger and don’t experience hip pain, you may not have given your hips much thought (except to sing Shakira songs!) Our hips are a critical hinge point in the body that are involved in many aspects of our daily living. Sitting, standing, squatting, getting on and off the toilet, and walking are all daily activities that involve the use of our hips. If you are an athlete, you know how important the hips are in virtually all of our exercises, from thrusters to box jumps to toes to bar!

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality cites that there are greater than 300,000 hip replacements done every year in the United States.

How can you keep your hips healthy and in tip-top shape?

Maintaining a healthy weight, improving flexibility, and increasing strength are lifestyle factors that will help keep your hips healthy. Mobility movements are an important part of every athlete’s routine so don’t skip it!

To read more about how you can improve your hip health, check out the full article in the July/August 2020 issue of wellness360 magazine.


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