Holiday Season – weight loss? Is that possible?

Halloween and Thanksgiving just rolled by – like a steam roller to our fitness goals. It’s typically this week right here – the week after Thanksgiving where that voice in your head starts getting louder.


And it’s getting easier to listen – the kids are on and off school, work is crazy chaotic this time of year, gift buying, relatives coming, family travels- it all gets out of control.


“Let’s just wait until all of this commotion is over”.


“Let’s just wait until January”.


And guess what? I actually feel the same way. That voice is in my head too. And let me tell you – it’s been making a lot of sense lately. So much so that I’ve been feeling sluggish, lazy. It’s a natural response to being off my schedule – out of routine, and prioritizing holidays over my goals.


I decided to reign it in. Yesterday. I didn’t work this hard to get here to let it slip.


Like anything in life – fitness is literally a game of numbers. Inches, pounds – numbers. If you are like most – and decide to stall your fitness until January you will be going backwards.


It’s nice to think you’ll just “maintain” by staying “busy” or “working out at home” – but, let’s face it. That doesn’t happen.


Here’s a pretty typical example – If you decided to pause your goals before Thanksgiving – let’s say November 20th, and not start back until January 7th – thats a 49 day pause on your goals.


During those 49 days – you will be off your schedule, eating poorly, sleeping irregularly, gaining weight and inches and generally sliding backwards. Kinda like those last 10 days…


Now. I’m not sitting here telling you to ignore your holidays. I am – however,  going to hit you with the common sense stick though.


This week isn’t a holiday week. Neither are the next 27 days. 27 of those 49 days we talked about are more than half of the “holiday season” – that are actually not the holiday season.


Consider those 27 days (or less based on when you are reading this) your holiday safety net. If you’ve gained a little over Thanksgiving, get it under control over the next few weeks before the next big event. Remember – it’s a numbers game. When you carry or add inches / pounds over the next few weeks, January is going to be tough.


If you maintain – and better yet, lose over the next few weeks – you will be setting yourself up for a pretty amazing January. Not to mention you will feel better from December 24th thru the New Year as well.


Let’s look at these next few weeks differently this year. Lets buckle down and focus on getting in some gym time and making some good nutritional choices. Prioritize your health from now until December 24th at a minimum. It will make a difference on the rest of the year – and set you up to crush 2019.


And remember – you can always swing by and chat with us at Swamp City. We get it. Holidays are tough. We are going to make it as easy as we can for you. Ask us about our FREE Travel Workout Guide or take advantage of our FREE 10 Day Gym Pass.


Believe it or not – it’s not too late.  We love finding ways for you to stay on track – give us a call, shoot us an email, or swing by and chat with any of our Staff. We want you to be prepared for January!!

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